Taxis with Kids

Taking Barcelona taxis with kids
Take a taxi with kids from Barcelona airport and around the city or organise your own private family tour of Barcelona in a taxi or minivan.These companies offer airport transfers, minibuses, private hire vehicles and organised

Taking Taxis with Kids in Barcelona

You should always travel with a car seat (for children under 3) or booster seat for children under 12 when riding in a Barcelona taxi whether you are in the city itself or travelling out of town. This is, however, a grey area for some taxi drivers as although laws have made child seats obligatory, in practice, taxi drivers will most likely not be stopped for allowing children to travel without a seat. This is why many drivers will accept you on short trips. Of course, it is always preferable for a child to travel safely whatever the law might be.

Barcelona Taxi Reservations:
Tel. 93 330 0300 Servi taxi
Tel. 93 300 1100 Fono taxi
Tel. 93 303 3033 Radio taxi

Some of the larger taxis have fitted booster seats in the back if you do not have your own, so check with the driver.  If you are travelling into the city from the airport and prefer not to take the airport bus, you will usually find plenty of larger taxis pulling up at the airport rank. Join the queue and ask the taxi rank officer to find you one. If you are travelling to the airport, you can pre-book a larger taxi by calling one of the several centralised booking services listed below.

A green light means the taxi is available for hire.