Registering with a Doctor

To register in the Spanish public health system you will need to apply for your TSI health card.  You will be assigned the public health clinic or CAP nearest to your home address where they will allocate you a family doctor and paediatrician.

Registering with a Doctor in Barcelona

Spain’s National Healthcare is regarded as one of the best services in Europe.  In Barcelona you can have access to some of the top clinics and health professionals in the world.  The Catalan Health Service, CatSalut, offers free and subsidised treatments to those with a health card.  Dental care in Spain is private although some preventative treatments for children are free in Catalunya.

As a resident in Barcelona you should apply for your Health Card or TSI (Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual). This is the card you will take to your local doctor’s surgery or CAP (Centro Ambulatorio Publico) to book an appointment and each time you visit. You will need to be working in Spain or be declared a dependent (beneficiario) of a spouse or partner.   If you qualify for public healthcare, then so do your  dependents.  You will first need to go to your local Social Security Office in Barcelona to apply. They will give you the document you need to take to your local CAP.   You may be allowed healthcare if you have residency in Spain, even if you are not working, so you should find out from the Social Security Office how you qualify.

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