Private Healthcare

Registering with a Doctor in Barcelona

EU visitors to Spain should carry their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for entitlement to free, reduced cost  or reimbursable medical treatment and prescriptions.  The EHIC also covers routine maternity care.

Emergency numbers and 24 Hour Pharmacies in Barcelona

Private Healthcare

A private health policy can give you access to a fantastic offering or private clinics and top level medical professionals in Barcelona.

It is quite common in Spain to take out some form of private healthcare policy or to be covered by your employer.  The Mutua health cover can be either fully-comprehensive or pay a percentage of your treatment. If you are not covered under your employer’s policy, you can usually find an affordable policy that works for you and your family. Premiums can range from around €40 to €80 a month per family member depending on the network of medical professionals you can access.

Check if your policy will allow you to visit a doctor outside of your healthcare provider’s recommended list of professionals and, if so, what contribution they will cover. Also, be sure to find out if your cover extends to when you are abroad.

Private health care companies in Spain

Asistencia Sanitaria
Axa Winterthur