Giants’ Day at Poble Espanyol

Diada gegantera a Poble Espanyol
Giants' day at Poble Espanyol

The Diada gegantera is a unique and and very Catalan event devoted to the huge papier-maché figures of the Gegants.   For the third year running, Poble Espanyol will welcome 9 different Giant-carrying groups or colles that will celebrate through the village square and streets.

As well as local Barcelona giants honouring the occasion,  there will be geganters arriving from as far as Puigcerdà.  Also joining this year’s festival will be the capgrossos or big heads and entertainment with the ritual ball de bastons, dance with sticks.

10am:  Workshop for Big Heads (capgrossos) and hobby horses).
10:30am: Giants arrive and make their way to the Plaça Major at 11.30am.
12pm: The Giants procession begins through the streets of the Poble ending with the Giants dance at 1.30pm.
1.30 pm: Dance of the colles geganteres.
2.30pm: Workshop in Catalan popular culture
4pm: Procession of the colles de cultura popular
5pm: Dance of the colles de cultura popular

On Sunday 5th March from 10am to 5pm
Price: General admission price with Special Offer for residents of Catalunya: 5€ online or 6€ at ticket office. Free for under 4 year olds.

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