Barcelona Civic Centres or Centre Civics and other local Cultural Centres offer workshops, courses, play facilities known as Ludotecas and after-school and holiday activities for children. Esplais are centres with after-school and weekend clubs that have organised activities for children.

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Centre Civic del Coll
Aldea, 15 Tel. 93 256 2877

Punt de Dinamitazció Infantil del Coll
Aldea, 15 Tel. 93 256 2877
Children's play and activities Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm (18 months-12 years)

Casal de Joves El Coll
Duran i Borrell, 24 (at the Centre Civic)
After School activities and dance workshops for teenagers.

Centre Civic La Sedeta

Sicilia, 321 Tel. 93 459 1228

Evening play centre "El Vaixell", for 3-5 years and separate Ludoteca "Les Abelles"  for 6-12 yrs.

Ros de Olano, 9 Tel. 93 237 5031
Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings activities plus holiday clubs for 3-16 yrs.

Esplai GMM
Pl. del Nord, 7-10 Tel, 93 218 3372
Saturday afternoon club plus weekend excursions and holiday camps for 7-17 yrs.

Ceip Baldiri Reixac
Olot, 1
Open School playground and facilities "Patis de L'Escola Obertes" project on Fridays 5.15pm-8pm and Saturdays 11am-2pm.


Esplai Sagrada Familia
Provenca, 450, baixos Tel. 629 921 206
After school and weekend activities by age groups for children ages 6-17 yrs

Esplai Boix
Londres, 64 Tel. 650 696 427
After school and weekend activities by age groups for children ages 6-17 yrs

Esplai Totikap
Av. Mistral, 60 bxs Tel. 93 423 9354
Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings for ages 6-17 years. Weekend excursions.

Esplai Xiroc
Ribes, 35 bxs Tel. 93 245 4680
Saturday afternoon club by age groups for 5-16 yeas


Centre Civic El Surtidor
Pl. Surtidor, Poble Sec

Centre Civic Cotxeres
Sants, 79 Tel. 93 291 8701

Centre Civic Hostafrancs
Rector Triladó, 53  Tel. 93 423 0440

Casal Civic Magòria
Gran Via de Les Cortes Catalanes, 247
Activities and workshops for kids.

Casal Concordia
Concordia 33 Baixos
Espai de la infancia for children ages 7-12 years 

Punt Multimedia de Sants i Espai per a Joves Casa del Mig
Muntadas, 5
Internet access and design software, courses, exibitions. Also an information area to help young people with study and career options.

Open School playground and facilities as part of "Patis de L'Escola Obertes" project at:
Pati de L'IES Joan Coromines

Ctra. Bordeta, 39
Mon, Wed, Thurs 5.30pm-7.30pm; Sat 11am-2pm

Pati del CEIP Barrufet
Vapor Vell, 3
Fri 5pm-8pm; Sat 11am-2pm

Pati del Grup Escolar Lluis Vives
Canalejas, 107
Sat 4pm-7pm; Sun 11am-2pm

Les Corts

Esplai L'Olivera Rodona
Joan Gamper, 48, 2 Tel. 630 381 445
Saturday afternoon activities and outings for children ages 4-17 yrs.


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