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Children's Second hand market at Somriure

If you have any children's clothes, items or baby equipment you would like to sell, you can take them along to Somriure from the 27th June until July 1st to be sold at their upcoming secondhand market.   Any items not sold on the day will be returned or given to charity....see details


New Timetables for Schools in Catalunya

schoolholidays.jpg Most parents with children at school will already be aware that the Generalitat is doing away with the La Sisena Hora, (the sixth hour of class time) required each day in public primary schools.  In light of this amendment, the old legislation on timetables is no longer valid. The debate is now on whether to allow the introduction of the continuous school day (jornada continua) from 9am to 2pm across schools or oblige all establishments to follow the split day (jornada partida) with a full school day and lunchtime break....see details


Museum of Ideas and Inventions

miba.jpg One of the latest additions to Barcelona's cultural scene is the new Museum of Ideas and Inventions, the Museu d'Idees i Invents de Barcelona opened by designer, Pep Torres.  The museum has some great design ideas, video showings in the toilets and a giant slide that offers access to the lower floor and a periscope to check out the exhibits before you buy a ticket!...see Museums and Culture for Kids


Playtime in the Ciutadella

ludoteca.jpg Barcelona's Ciutadella park offers one of the best playgrounds in the city for younger kids thanks to its free Ludoteca play area that opens daily throughout the year.   Many Barcelona parents are already familiar with the free-for-all toys, balls and games that are brought out in the morning and afternoons but are not aware that the Ludoteca also organises some great workshops for children.   Whether it is planting, insect hunting, craft or toy-making, kids can take part in guided sessions three times a week.  The Ludoteca is a service aimed at families with children aged 0-5 years and organised by the department of the environment. The playground also makes a great venue for meeting up with other families and making new friends!...see details in Barcelona Parks and Gardens

School Open Days in Barcelona

startingschool.jpg Open days or Jorndades de Portes Obertes, are scheduled during February and March for public infants, primary and secondary schools in Barcelona. The catalogue, Barcelona es una Bona Escola, that details all Barcelona public and concertada schools by district is now available in print and online...see School Open Days in Barcelona


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